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Was a "rocket scientist" for the US gov't in real life from 1956 - 1989 and a consultant to industry and gov'ts from 1990 - 2010. Part time  violin and cello teacher, community orchestra and chamber music player, and grandfather, full time curious mind. Started violin lessons at age 4 and cello at age 14 with professional teachers. Started teaching violin in 1964 as a convenience to the community and cello in 1996. Finally found that my last student had never returned to lessons after a foreign trip and that seemed a good time to retire from that too!

Principal 2nd violin with the Lucas Valley Chamber Orchestra, San Rafael, CA (Jan. 2012 -2014) now playing viola - the only (known) self-conducted (no stick beater) "community" chamber orchestra - numbers about 30 musicians. Because we rehearse mornings there is a lot of gray hair (retirees) in our midst - lots of very experienced musicians, music teachers, retired pros from the San Francisco Bay Area - great fun concentrating on "classical" period music - our "roots music." We practice 12 months of the year - no summer break - but we spend the summer months just reading through (just once) smaller pieces as our ranks thin out for summer dropouts. Summer is also a time for some Baroque music and for those who want to try out concertos with the orchestra - just one run through.

I also have had a regular weekly morning as the cellist in a  piano trio "practice" in Sonoma County for 18 years - original pianist (a retired pro) died 3years ago at 96, but had a new excellent pianist waiting "in the wings" - we performed for others about bi-monthly for a while, but the past few years we are just about enjoying the music ourselves and communing with the souls of the geniuses who composed it.

And more recently, starting in mid-2016, we have started a bi-weekly string "serenade" (about 13 of us) that has been (so far) enjoying the works of Dvorak, Grieg, Janacek, Holst, Sibelius and Tchaikovsky (so far). This is interesting literature - sometimes just an overblown string quartet (plus double bass), but there are times when all 13 are playing different parts - pretty thick!

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